Crimsonland is coming to Steam and PS4

May 5th 2014

This monday is a lot better than your average monday: Here's the first trailer, four screenshots, and some shards of information about Crimsonland for PS4 and Steam!

Crimsonland was greenlit for Steam in November 2013. After that we started revamping the game and slowly picking up the pace while we also had to finalize other projects at the same time. In February 2014 we had to admit that the initial 90 day estimate on Steam release was too bold. At that point it became clear that we could release the game on PS4 too so the stakes got higher and we decided to do a much bigger overhaul than initially planned.

Today we have both PS4 and Steam versions working and completely playable with almost 100% new art but a lot work is still needed. We're not disclosing the release dates yet (the rough target is summer 2014), but come back weekly for updates plus interesting articles about the game. You can also order our newsletter from above or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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