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June 16th 2014

The internet gave us something awesome a couple of days ago. As the 130468 of you know, TotalBiscuit made a video review(ish) for Crimsonland. Just the fact that he reviewed the game was great, but not only that, he also seemed to like it -- he even compared it to ponies and everything! Don't believe me? Check out the video yourself:

Thank you Mr. Biscuit!

On other news, the ONE MILLION barrier in Survival got broken faster than we thought, but there's a sad sad story behind it. The first one to do it was Sid Delicious with unbelievable 1.6M score, but unfortunately the score seemed so unbelievable that it was accidentally destroyed. Who knew someone would be able to score that high?

Since then, there has been several 1M+ scores, and while I think it's safe to say it's possible to reach that high, we're still somewhat suspicious of the current top scores. Not only the scores, but why is the best score made in the US made by Teh Russian?

We also opened a whole new International League section on this site. It keeps track of combined and average score per country. It's worth while to notice which country have the best average score as well. Hint: it's Finland.

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