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August 15th 2014

Crimsonland was just released in GOG! And as you probably know, this being the GOG, there's not even a scent of DRM to be found in this version. Just pure crimsonlandness.

Bear in mind thought that this version doesn't have Steam leaderboards (probably not a surprise). To make it up, we have added personal score tracking (meaning: local leaderboards) and thrown in some bonus materials such as Crimsonland Classic (the full old 2003 game version), wallpaper, soundtrack, and such. So anyone looking for DRM-free version of the game, GOG up! (That's a thing.)

Speaking of leaderboards. We are still aware that the top scores in Steam leaderboards are probably not to be trusted. We're getting rid of the most absurd scores, but if you want to be really pendantic about it... youtube it or it didn't happen! Incidentally, here's a proof of a legit One Million+ score in Survival. I heard this is the culmination of 156 hours spent in Crimsonland, so the score is definitely well-earned:

Can anyone beat that on record?

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