Rain, Tears, and Neon Glow

June 9th 2015

This is deeply exciting. We've been waiting to show you guys this for a long time now. It's a top down shooter set in a cyberpunk world heavily influenced by the great 80s cyberpunk books, games, and movies such as Blade Runner.

So put on your head phones, click play, and sooth yourself in the 80s cyberpunk vibe before feasting your eyes on the screenshot below.

I present to you - Neon Chrome

So this is one of the two new games we're working on. What you're looking at is massively satisfying top down shooter with light RPG elements and -- dare I say -- roguelikeish elements. Tons of weapons, cybernetics, mega structure, traps, spideroids, the Overseer, neon glow, secrets, smoke, destructible environment, special abilities, classic cyberpunk roles, and rain is what it's made of. It will all make sense when you play the game. Enjoy responsibly on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and tons of other platforms in the not too distant future.

So let me know what you think! ("How?", you ask? Facebook and Twitter are preferred, although it'd be delightful to receive good old fashioned snail mail (*) from time to time.)

(*) Please don't mail us actual snails.

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