Rev 1 of 7 The Weapons of Comeback

May 19th 2014

Let's talk about guns.

There are 30+ weapons in the new Crimsonland -- a few more than in the old version. We have a pretty varied arsenal consisting of assault rifles, ion cannons, plasma miniguns, gauss guns, rocket launchers, pulse guns, shotguns, flame throwers, and whatnot. There should be something for everyone to love and hate.

Merely roughly 30% of the arsenal

The weapons are now also a bit better in balance than in the original game. We've made (for example) Mean Minigun a bit more useful by giving it more ammo, reduced the loading time, and making it somewhat less heavy (faster movement). The Flamethrower does almost twice the damage compared to before and actually burns through the monsters now. So whoever wrote this about Crimsonland may need to give it a second thought.

This doesn't mean all weapons are equal though: some of the guns you unlock in later chapters are still better than some of the earlier ones. Few of the favourites include Assault 'Jackhammer' Shotgun, Ion Minigun, and the brand new Gauss Minigun.

But there is one weapon above the others. This one has been inspiring players all over the internet over the years. It is the most awesomest weapon of them all. I even saw a comic strip dedicated to it a few years back (sadly I couldn't find it anymore, if you know what I'm talking about, please email us a link). It is the Blowtorch.

Congratulations, Blowie!

Sorry guys, we just didn't have the heart to kill it. We honestly tried making it better, giving it bigger gas tank and increased damage, but at the end of the day, it's still a blowtorch. However, we did end up giving it some magical secret properties may make it useful in some scenarios. I'm sure you'll figure it. :)

Oh and regarding that time travelling thing we talked about last week, as everyone familiar with the matter know, the future can indeed change sometimes. But don't panic, it'll be alright. The link to the next week's Revalation has now been place somewhere on this site. To be exact, you're most likely already staring at it...

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