Rev 3 of 7 - Terra Purely

June 2nd 2014

One of the things we always wanted to improve in Crimsonland was the terrain. Some issues we wanted to address in the new version:

  • There was a lot of contrast in places so enemies blended into the background
  • Sometimes the terrain looked more like salad or pickled cucumber
  • It didn't have any landmarks which are great cues for location and also improve the overall immersion
  • Terrain was static from one level to another...
  • ...On the other hand the terrain shuffled itself inside one level to a bit different state when refreshing
Below is the result we came up with after some work. It's a high resolution (2560x1440) from the desert environment which is probably one of the best terrains in the new version.

We've tried to address all these problems somehow in the new version. Admittedly we could improve even more, but we had to find a sweet spot between improvement and the ability to finish the game within a reasonable time. The base code for terrain generation is roughly the same as before. but we've added a lot of new features. Here's also a code snippet from our terrain definition file below.

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