Rev 4 of 7 - Crimsonland Steam Release Date

June 4th 2014

The Steam relese date might be one of the biggest revelations so we programmed this awesome timer. Now countdown with me aloud!

So, there it is. It should be your local time if we did this right. The official time & date is secret. This date is the original date we planned a few months ago. A while ago we had a date which was a bit later in June but due to some environmental factors we moved back to the earlier release date. The game is currently fully functional on Steam with some beta people already playing. We haven't encountered any showstopper bugs so we're fairly confident of this release date. We'll also keep updating the game towards the release if we find any bugs.

As a bonus here's a nice video of four player co-op in action. In this game we had three game pads plus a mouse+keyboard. As you can see it looks a bit chaotic but extremely entertaining

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