Rev 5 of 7 - Of Cats And Bags

June 10th 2014

Well this is it. The game launches tomorrow on Steam. The PS4 version will follow soon after.

To be honest, getting here has been a lot more work than we thought it'd be. I think it's safe to say we over-delivered what we promised in the Steam Greenlight campaign.

But what does it mean??

Our initial plan was to simply port original Crimsonland stuff to our new cross-platform tech and release it on Steam with minor enhancements. It could have been that simple. But no. Instead we did the following.

  • We made brand new 4k-res-ready models and animations for all the creatures and other game objects.
  • We added more weapons to already vast arsenal of 30 guns.
  • We new made high detail 3D model for each of the guns.
  • We added new perks and made icons for each 55 perk in the game.
  • We made new terrain art for all the chapters and game modes.
  • We added achievements, each 21 with unique icon.
  • We made the game field larger and actually 3D (you can see slight perspective distortion if you move around).
  • We added 10 new quests with new creature type and new special abilities such as exploding and shielded monsters.
  • We remade ALL of the UI (both art and code) to make it work properly with gamepads, touch, and mouse+keyboard.
  • We added a new powerup and remade all the powerup icons.
  • We added 3 new game modes.
  • We made a completely new non-crimsonland-related game (!) and hid it inside the new Crimsonland.
  • We added new difficulty level (all-in-all resulting in total of 80 new quests, almost twice as many as in the old game).
  • We added 4 player local co-op mode and rebalanced all the quests and game modes for each number of players per difficulty.
  • We remade the whole leaderboards system.
We actually replaced more stuff (both code and art) than was left in from the original game. More than 40 thousand lines of code where thrown away and reimplemented with new code. Only few of the effects are using the same art as in the original game.

At times, we were thinking whether this really made sense at all. We could have just shipped the game as it was months ago. We're probably mad. :)

But we're glad we did it, and hope you like. Let's hope the launch will be a smashing success.

He's got our back.

Tomorrow morning we will reset the leaderboards one last time. Let the Survival high score hunt begin!

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