Rev 6 of 7 Bloody Penguins

June 23rd 2014

That would make nice title for a game. But that's not what this is about.

Crimsonland Steam Windows version has been out for a few days now, but we most certainly haven't been resting on our laurels. The next update for the Windows version is coming soon. It'll add a bunch of options such as key bindings and resolution selection -- in addition to fixing all sorts of minor issues of course. The update beta is actually already available in Steam, so you can try it out right now if you want. The PS4 version is also now ready and waiting for release in the upcoming weeks. Which brings us to the penguins.

Crimsonland Linux version is coming along nicely, and the game is already running well enough on Ubuntu (inside a virtual machine as you can see). We're still missing a bunch of stuff like the Steam integration, but we'll get there. The only thing stopping (hindering) us is the summer vacation which we're all off to next week. So if you don't hear from us for a while, don't worry, we're probably just somewhere enjoying the Finnish Summer, not being brutally murdered by some angry customers. Anyhow, we're still planning on releasing the Linux and Mac versions in August - September timeframe.

Forgot to mention this the last time. If you want to chat about Crimsonland, you can do it either in

(*) not recommended.

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