Touch of Crimson

October 9th 2014

Great news everyone! Crimsonland is now officially available on iOS! And it's FREE! As in FREE trial which you can unlock to full version with a single reasonably priced purchase action. No ads or consumable IAPs. You're welcome.

The pricing is not that straight forward though - but it's not a bad thing. There is a problem we're trying to solve you see. The game costs around 10 bucks on other platforms which may seem a lot for some mobile customers. That's why we decided to do something a bit more quirky with the prices. Instead of forcing you to pay a single price like an animal, we're giving you a FREE choice of choosing any price you want. As long as it's one of the three available options. In essence you're given the chance to pay the full price for the game if you like, but you're also allowed to get the game with a good discount if you need to. All the different price options unlock you the exact same identical full version of the game. I swear there are no hidden features or any tricks done based on how much you value us as developers and human beings.

Touch it!

The game itself is as glorious as on other platforms. The iOS version supports both touch screen virtual controls and MFi gamepads with dual sticks.

I've always thought that virtual controls are nowhere near optimal way to play dual stick shooters, but after playing a while on my iPad mini, I was happy to notice that it actually works quite nicely as long as the screen is big enough. We've done some tweaks to improve the controls, and you can adjust the usual stuff like whether to align the virtual sticks positions under your thumbs on touch, or use the traditional stationary virtual controls.

The high scores are kept track of both locally (like we did with the GOG version) and with Apple Game Center service. There is one rather embarrassing bug in the initial version though: the Game Center high scores are sorted from low to high instead of high to low which doesn't make much sense to be honest. But fear not, we've already submitted an update to Apple for review two days ago.

Oh and as some of you may have noticed, Crimsonland has now been officially available for Mac for a week or so. The Apple folks are sure being pampered with crimsonness. There are versions for both GOG and Steam.

Next up: Android? Linux? Windows Phone? Who knows! (I guess we should?)

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